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  • A Beautifully Modern Design
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  • Safe, Fast and Secure
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A Free website for Massage Therapists
What's the catch?!?
Nothing... The Massage Pixels platform is free to early users with 1 simple request - that you share your insight so we can improve it. 
Why are we doing this? We want to create a website platform designed specifically to help massage therapist get more clients.  Beautifully modern design and easy to use.  We want to create momentum in the industry and catch the attention of as many therapists as possible. 
How do we make money? We offer digitial marketing coaching for those that need help getting more visitors to their site.  If you don't need that, we're happy to provide you a great site for free! 
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A Proven Home Page
Each section of the page is designed specifically to convert visitors to clients. 
The Sections of Your New Home Page:

THE WELCOME MAT: The objective of this top section is to make it clear within seconds of landing on your site what you offer, how a visitor’s life will be better and the next step they take to become your client.

THE PROBLEM: The point of this section is to give clarity, context and detail to the problem so that a visitor knows that you understand the problem deeply and can therefore offer a solution. Also, give clarity to visitors as to why the problem and solution matter so much.

THE SOLUTION: This section makes it clear how your massage services are going to help a client improve their life. People want the outcome you offer. Said a different way, they buy the solution to their problem.

YOUR SERVICES: Use this section to paint a clear picture of what each service is and how it’ll help a potential client get a great result.  

WHAT TO EXPECT: Don’t assume that a visitor knows what to do next! This section makes it clear on the next steps someone needs to take in order to become your client and what it will be like to experience your services.

TESTIMONIALS: Visitors book sessions with people they trust and social proof (through great testimonials) are the perfect way to show how great you are!

ABOUT: The key is to position yourself as an expert while also showing that you care about your visitor, their journey and their transformation. Share what would matter to your visitor. Showing both empathy and authority is key.

Modern and Beautiful
A site to elevate your massage practice with a sleek and inviting website design that leaves a lasting impression on visitors. No lame or dated designs!
How it Looks and Feels:

DESIGNED FOR BEAUTIY: Impress potential clients at first glance, setting a professional and high-quality tone for your services.

CONTEMPORARY AESTHETICS: Say goodbye to outdated and unappealing website designs commonly used by massage therapists. 

VISUAL HARMONY: Our designs use color psychology and visual hierarchy to create a calming and trustworthy atmosphere.  This means visitors are more likely to book!

COMPELLING VISUALS: From high-quality images to sleek typography, each design element is strategically chosen to capture attention and evoke emotion. 

Get More Bookings
With a Massage Pixels site, you'll get more bookings with messaging that resonates, showcases your expertise, and the life-changing benefits of your services.
Grow Your Practice:

MESSAGING: We show you how to write compelling content so each visitor knows  what sets you apart and how you can change a client’s life.

CONTINUOUS OPTIMIZATION: We constantly monitor and refine website performance based on data-driven insights and industry best practices. 

Site Management
Created for massage therapist so you can stop using unreliable developers or dealing with the frustration of DIY solutions.
Easy to Use & Trouble-free:

USER-FRIENDLY: We’ve specifically designed the website admin area you’ll use to be so simple you can easily find your way around the first time logging in!

SELF-EDITING: Enjoy being able to fully edit content yourself… so you don’t have to wait for a developer or anyone else!

FULLY MANAGED: Regular secure content backups, site updates and security patches to keep your site running smoothly and quickly.

Is your website hurting you?

Most Massage Websites Are Harmful

Too many massage therapists don’t have a website that’s crafted to grow their practice. Without the right message and a purpose-driven design, it’s almost not worth having. That makes us sad but we can change it!
Weak Messaging
Most websites focus on themselves, not their visitor. This is unappealing and kills website effectiveness.
Poor Layout & Design
Far too many use a generic template or freelancers that simply don’t understand. The chance to guide each visitor to the destination is lost.
Overly Complex to Use
Therapists spend far too much time messing with their site instead of serving their clients.
The Massage Pixels System
Designed to Get More Clients
A Free website Unlike any other!
Ready in 1 Day
No more waiting weeks (or months) for your site to be done.  With our system it's ready for you to use within 1 day!  We want you to start getting more clients right away!
VIP Support
Stop relying on favors from others to run your site... it's way too important to not have a PRO.  You'll be assigned a dedicated support pro that will get to know you personally to help you.
Simple Site Editor
Edit content or images, integrate your booking service or socials, update contact info, hours, location, certifications and more! Never wait on a developer again!
Focus on what you love most and do best, instead of messing with your website.  We've made growing your practice with your site easy!
Photo Library for Massage
Get access to a library of images, graphics and icons selected so your site looks amazing.  It'll save you hours in looking.  It's included free!
Safe, Fast & Secure
We manage every aspect of your site, on the newest cloud servers to keep your site running fast and secure.  Never worry about your site again!
Custom Domain
Your new site comes ready to use right away with a user-friendly domain.  Or you can buy a domain anywhere and connect it at any time
Optimized for Mobile
With so many people on their phones, we've taken great care to make sure your site looks flawless on any device. 
Search Engine Optimized
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is critical to attracting the best local visitors.  This is baked right in to your site from the beginning. 
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Questions about Massage Pixels?
We got answers 
Can I really get personalized marketing coaching?
Yes!  We offer a bi-weekly coaching call and additional digital marketing trainings when you upgrade to our Coaching Program.  This is entirely optional but a great way to get help directly from the creator of Massage Pixels who has over 20 years in digital marketing.
How long does it take to get access to my site? 
We provide access to your site very quickly, normally within 1 business day.  It can be even quicker depending on demand.
Do you actually build my site for me? 
Yes, we do!  What we found is there are certain layouts and designs that work extremely well for massage therapists.  So we'll deliver you a ready to use site that you'll then be able to personalize and fully edit all the content as you'd like. 
How easy is it to customize my site?
We've made it easy on purpose!  Even if you're not tech savvy you'll be able to customize and edit content without any issues.  If you ever get stuck, you can get help from one of our experts. 
How many pages can I create for the site?
Your site will come standard with these pages: Home, About, Contact, Booking, Services and Policy.  

You're also able to add as many services pages as you'd like so that you can give full details about the different massage services you offer. 
What's the total cost?
Upfront Cost: $0
Ongoing Monthly Cost: $0

We've created a platform for massage therapists that has everything you'll need for your website.  Hosting, support, maintenance, unlimited traffic and updates are all included and fully managed for you!  All you (might) want is a domain name. 
Do I need to buy a domain name?
It's not necessary as we'll provide you a user-friendly domain.  However if you want to have a custom domain (e.g. you can get that anywhere and simply connect it to your Massage Pixels site. 
Can you provide me an email address?
No, we recommend getting an email address from a provider that specializes in email like or 
Do I need to commit to a long-term contract? 
Nope :-) While we'd love for you to stay with us forever, if you ever need to cancel you can do so at anytime. 
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Affordable & Effective for Any Therapist
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  • Beautiful Single Page Site
    Designed to be modern and great looking by expert designers. For simplicity and effectiveness.
  • Support
    Support from experts that know you and care about your success!
  • Simple Site Editing
    Support from experts that know you and care about your success!
  • Mobile Responsive
    Support from experts that know you and care about your success!
  • DIY + Handholding
    Support from experts that know you and care about your success!
  • Booking Integration
    Very quickly and easily link your new site to your favorite booking tool.
  • Secure
    Very quickly and easily link your new site to your favorite booking tool.
  • Backups
    Very quickly and easily link your new site to your favorite booking tool.
  • Custom Domain
    You can connect your domain to the site.
  • Rapid Deployment
    Get your website up and running by tomorrow.
  • Traffic Optimized
    Natirally SEO optmized so that you attract the best local visitors.